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OMG:»»Church That Allows Members To Come To Service N_ude (PHOTOS)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


People have really gone mad,imagine going to the house of God n3ked i dont understand the world anymore,its changing from bad to worst..

A church in the US state of Virginia, White Tail Chapel, has taken the bizarre decision to allow its congregation attend church services n3ked. Cos according to their leader, Pastor Allen Parker, the clothing requirements of other churches were overly 'pretentious'. So he decided his own flock should be free to forgo such materialism if they desire.


Pastor Allen claims that many of the most important moments in the Bible happened while the protagonists were nude, including Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.
Speaking to CNN, Mr Parker said:

'When he [Jesus] was born he was n3ked, when he was crucified he was n3ked and when he arose he left his clothes in the tomb and he was n3ked. If God made us that way, how can that be wrong?'

Mr Parker is believed to have drawn at least some of his opinions on nudity from the book of Genesis, in which Adam and Eve were originally described as 'both n3ked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed'. It was only after sinfully eating forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge that Adam and Even are said to have seen their nudity as shameful, at which point they sowed fig leaves into loincloths.

Although the church allows worshipers to attend services fully n3ked, many members decided they would rather continue to attend fully clothed, particularly when in mid-winter, while others opt to just reveal their breasts or genitals.


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Another Naija Babe Caught In Dirty Runs: Her Nu'dé Ph0tos Leak Online»»»

Friday, 28 March 2014 Another Naija Babe Caught In Dirty Runs: Her Nu'dé Ph0tos Leak Online Young girls are getting desperate and giving themselves out so cheaply because of money these days... "I do runs to earn a living", this lady is a victim of BBM Runs, she actually sent her pix to an unknown man on bbm and they both chatted for a while, and also start making arrangement on how to meet each other.  The lady never had the thought that these pictures could be leak made a demand to the guy in question.  She demanded that since the man like what he saw in her phot0s he should wire some money into her account for flight ticket and in 24hrs she will be with the man for private business in Abuja.  Why not look for something to do rather than selling your body to men cheaply? Unfortunately for her, the guy started sending her private photos to his friends and now the photos have leaked online. See everything below... #SEE PHOTO# 1 # SEE PHOTO # 2

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BREAKING NEWS: Fire outbreak in Garki Market, Abuja»»

Fire outbreak in Garki Market, Abuja   An early morning fire has destroyed property worth millions of naira at  the Garki model market in Abuja. The cause of the fire outbreak cannot be ascertained though people were seen trying to salvage whatever they can.   more details  soon

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:( Prophet Soul E.. “God also told me two governors will die before the end of 2015″-

“God also told me two governors will die before the end of 2015″-Prophet Soul E After the backlash which accompanied his earlier prophesy about Wizkid & Davido ,Soul E says he is not seeking attention because he is too busy for that.Also gave another prophesy.He told Punch… “I have always been in the public eye. My marriage caused a scenario in this country. I don’t know what people saw in me. Anybody who feels I am seeking for attention is making a serious mistake; I am too busy for that. I am in Abuja at the moment; I am heading to Lagos and Port Harcourt before the end of the week. I am busy. I am just doing the work of my father. It was my God who instructed me to give the prophecy and I have done that. I am not wishing anybody anything bad. All they have to do is to pray. I have received calls from Aso Rock. I got prophesies for Wizkid, Davido and Aso Rock and I said what God asked me to say. I told them to pray. God doesn’t give you prophecy for you to be scared but for you to be aware and pray about it,“They are not my friends and I don’t talk to them. In fact, I have never seen them before and I am not sure they know me. I am not saying they are my enemies. I had to go on Facebook and Instagram to pass my messages. I have said what I want to say and it is fine by me. If they want to take it, fine and if they don’t want to, that is not my problem. I am not a pastor, I am a prophet. A prophet announces his prophecies. He told me two northern governors will go, they will die before the end of 2015. This is what God showed me. Prophets come to tell you what God is saying about a situation. Pastors will tell you ‘you are blessed,’ Prophets will tell you to be careful or tell you not to marry the particular person you wanted to marry because of the vision they had seen” See photo»»

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Rough Guy Leaks His Girlfriend's Private Ph0tos Online »»

Thursday, 27 March 2014 Rough Guy Leaks

His Girlfriend's Private Ph0tos Online 

Watch it when you are dating a rough guy because he may not really be kind to you if things go wrong in any way. This babe was cheating and "doing" her boyfriend's friend secretly and was even sending private pix of herself to the other guy. The main guy stumbled on his girlfriend's photos in his friend's phone and he couldn't believe what he saw. He decided to dump the girl and went ahead to disgrace her online... The source who sent the photo to Niggist said the guy's friend didn't even bother to deny. He told him that he was on his own and that it was the girl who approached him for a secret relationship and he decided to give her what she wanted from him. hmmmm na waoh #SeriousGobe....

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UNBELIEVABLE: You Would Be Shocked To Realise What Yobo’s Landlord Is Saying About Him»»

Nigeria’s Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo is unarguably a renowned defender who has been able to manage the national football team since he became the skipper of the team. However, the ex-Everton player might not be a good manager of property, according to his landlord, Ray Smith. The Landlord was horrified recently when he saw the state in which a penthouse flat leased in the name of Yobo had been left. There were burn marks on the carpet, a dirty kitchen and bathroom, and holes in the wall left from a flat-screen television. In defending himself, Yobo, who now plays for Norwich in the English Premier League, EPL, says he has never lived in the apartment in South Ferry Quay, close to Liverpool Marina, nor even been there. According to him, his younger brother, Gideon, paid the rent. Suppress this ad slot. A report says the keys to the flat were handed back to the letting agent over the weekend and Landlord Smith says he was shocked by what he found when he went to inspect it. He said, “The state it’s been left in is just unbelievable. “There’s bond money of £1,500, but by the look of it, it will need £5,000 to put all the damage right and I will have to call in industrial cleaners.” There are iron marks on the floor, as if left by ironing, and holes in the wall left by flat-screen TVs. “I’ve never come across anything like this before and I’m just so shocked. The place looks as if it’s been burgled.” Yobo was reported to have contacted the news house that broke the story himself to defend his conduct, saying he had been helping out Gideon. He said, “It’s my name on the lease, but I never lived at the flat and I’ve never even been there. “The landlord doesn’t know me and he hasn’t spoken to Gideon about this. I have property too and the landlord should have gone to the letting agents if he was unhappy.

Malaysia Govt. Offers $5000 Compensation To Relatives Of Passengers

Malaysia Govt. Offers $5000 Compensation To Relatives Of Passengers

See photo

The Malaysian Government has offered $5000 each to families of those who lost their lives in the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which crashed into the Indian Ocean over two weeks ago. The government also stated that they will be paying more if need be.

2 Pastors And 34 More People Remanded For Theft In Jalingo »»

See image»»2 Pastors And 34 More People Remanded For Theft In Jalingo Two pastors and 34 more people were remanded on Monday in Taraba State capital, Jalingo, before the Chief Magistrates’ Court over the alleged theft, obstruction to lawful arrest and assault. According to the prosecution, the accused, Abinitus Akila and Hassan Umar, assaulted one Thomas Bakawa on March 23. The victim, who became a newly posted pastor of the church, was said to have sustained severe injuries on his head after the attack. Bakawa’s handset, valued at N25, 000, was reportedly stolen by the group. The prosecutor also revealed that when the two pastors were already under arrest, 34 other accused people stormed the state police headquarters and attempted to forcefully release them. The accused, however, pleaded not guilty. The case was adjourned till April 8.

Fulani kill Plateau State University student, colleagues protest»»»

Fulani kill Plateau State University student, colleagues protest   A student of Plateau State University, PLASU, Bokkos, was killed by gunmen suspected to be cultists in an attack carried out on a shop in Ndar village near the university. Two other persons were injured in the attack which took place on Monday a about 8.45 p.m. The injured persons are receiving medical attention at an undisclosed hospital. Students of the university took to the streets on Tuesday to protest the incident. They destroyed security checkpoints at the entrance of the university. The members of the Special Task Force on Jos crisis posted to the institution reportedly took to their heels at the height of the protest. The protesters also disrupted free flow of vehicular movements to and from the headquarters of Bokkos Local Government Area. Confirming the incident, the state Commissioner of Police, Chris Olakpe, said his men were in control of the situation.See photo.

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SEE What Has Happened To The Mystery River In Enugu

Like an episode of a funny dream, the Enugu
mystery ‘Pool of Bethesda’ has dried up. The only
permanent thing in the world is change, and
change has taken place. Less than four months
after its inundation, the popular Enugu mystery
pool has dried up to surprised of those who were
making money from it.
But some people are not giving up. They are
excavating the soil in a bid to get whatever is left
of the pool, just as new visitors who had come for
healing in the pool are ready to pay anything to
get a cup of water.
As days become weeks and weeks become
months, many have realised that the pool has
gone back to where it came from and the town
itself which instantly became a tourist destination
a few months back, has had a fair share of the
change in fortunes.
The town has become like a ghostly abandoned
place. Anyway, the villagers are hoping the pool
will suddenly show up again so they can continue
to make money for survival


COMMENTS NEWS Nollywood actress, Biola Ige, and Enugu-based actor, Muna Obiekewe, have not been resting easy since a picture, portraying the two Thespians allegedly smooching, with Muna sucking Biola's boobs went viral online. Biola talked to me last week to explain her position, claiming that, what appeared in the picture must have been a trick of photoshop because, according to her, the scene never took place, during, before or after shooting of the film 'Pregnant Hawkers'. Now, Muna, based in Enugu, has opened up on the matter. It was quite hard, getting the fair-skinned actor to talk as he brusquely told me he doesn't grant interviews, challenging me to bring any interview he has granted before. I told him there is always a first time and the line went dead only for him to call back the next day to say, indeed, there is always a first time to everything in life. Here is our conversation: Are you aware there is an x-rated picture of you and Biola Ige all over the internet, both of you partially naked, with you, sucking her boobs? I was made aware of it. I don't remember the movie. I also don't remember sucking Biola's breasts. If the movie exists, that scene never took place. The film is 'Pregnant Hawkers' and were you and Biola Ige involved in any sensual scene where you were both nude, making love, real and unreal? Like I told you, I don't recall the movie. I do a lot of movies and I can't remember what happens in all of them. The fact that I don't recall means that the movie was shot a long time ago. Probably three or more years back. When love scene was in vogue with producers. I'm still searching for the movie to acquaint myself with the story. There has never been anything between myself and any actress that I've made a movie with. My romantic relationships have always been outside the movie industry. I don't take my work home. But you seem to have the knack for romantic scenes. Why? Love making scenes are normal in movies. When we see them in foreign movies it's nothing. But when it's done here, people start questioning actors morality. Bear in mind that these scenes are not shot the way it's finally seen when the movie comes out. Nothing ever actually happens. Not with about ten people in the production crew in the room with you. I want to add that the aim in making movies is to enlighten people. You want them to see exactly what's happening in the world around them. You want them shocked into action against whatever it is you're trying to portray. Avoiding to touch, the sensibilities of people only result in those things you want seen and treated, ignored. In that regard, I try to make my acting as real as possible without actually doing something wrong. How do you feel being labelled a porn star, because some people feel that is what you are actually becoming in the industry I'm not a porn star and I never will be. Love making scenes are sometimes inclusive in a movie and should be done with class. Sometimes editors and directors don't edit or direct well and it comes out wrong. Will you call any of the American or British movie stars a porn star? As a top brand in Nollywood and as a sex symbol: how do you handle advances from women? I avoid them. And please, I'm not a sex symbol. I've done two hundred movies, out of which only about ten of them have anything concerning sex. Why are people concentrating on those? An actor, before he can be acknowledged as one, has to play quite a number of roles in his career.
Credit: EzzydedonPHOTO»»

Monday, 24 March 2014


COMMENT PHOTO»»COMMENTS NEWS Few days ago it was all over the news that music artiste Soul E says he is now a man of God and that we should be expecting more of gospel music from him. Soul-E was not just any singer he was formally a hip-hop artist who reigned in the entertainment scene a few years back. But now he has changed into a new being and is now a self-acclaimed prophet. Hear what he told Encomium: “I don't like talking about myself but by the grace of God, I would say I was called into the office of a prophet. The fact is, I am a prophet called to bless people around the world. So, I thank God for commissioning me.” Well, Prophet Soul-E has just released his first official vision and it is really bad news. This is what he shared on his instagram: “When GOD gives a vision he gives it so we are careful and pray, as i was sleeping the lord open my eyes and saw Wizkid been poisoned he needs to be very careful and get close to GOD, i also saw Davido in a very fatal moto car accident i stand a prophet and i cancel this, finally i saw ASO ROCK on fire the president needs to delay 3day of fasting and pray for the nation am not hear to make any one afraid if GOD reviews a vision he is ready to save….. SOUL E” Credit: ModernGhana

Copyrights Commission Raids Pirates Hideouts In Enugu, Arrests Five, Recovers N30m

Copyrights Commission Raids Pirates Hideouts In Enugu, Arrests Five, Recovers N30m Ten pirate locations in Enugu State have been raided by the Nigeria Copyrights Commission, which also arrested three suspects and recovered materials worth N30 million. The NCC said on Saturday, in Enugu, that the move on the pirates followed a complaint from cable network providers such as Multi-Choice Nigeria. It was learnt that the raid was carried out by two teams of copyrights inspectors and 20 Anti- terrorism Unit officers within Enugu metropolis. In a related development, the NCC also embarked on another raid of some shops selling various types of “dongles” which are mainly used for piracy at E-Line in Ogbete Market, Enugu. The raid resulted in the arrest of two persons and recovery and confiscation of items such as Q-Sats and A-Z Skys. The enforcement actions, according to the South-East Zonal Manager of the NCC, Mrs. Ngozi Okeke, were in continuation of the war against piracy, which the commission has been waging over the years. “This war has been intensified since assumption of office of our present Director General, Mr. Afam Ezekude, in the last few years and it is continuing”, Okeke said.See photolike our fan-page here!Follow us on twitter here!

SHOKING»» Popular Nigerian Star Female Actress Caught With Her Producer By Wife In An Hotel Room

Popular Nigerian Star Female Actress Caught With Her Producer By Wife In An Hotel Room My-oh-my! Nollywood will never get tired of churning out incredible but true stories. The newest one that just landed on our laps has to do with a star actress and her movie producer lover. Both of them had gone on a love tryst to the Canaan land of Calabar in Cross River State. This was on the set of the slim movie producer who hails from Delta State. A chronic womanizer, the man had camped the actress who has a baby (out of wedlock) in one of the hotels. No! They were sharing a room. Firing non-stop after every day’s production, news soon got the man’s wife in Lagos and without thinking about it twice, she flew down to Calabar where all hell was let loose. Arriving very early in the morning and taking her husband and his lover unawares, she was on the verge of bringing down the roof of the hotel when some of her husband’s production hands aided the actress to escape through the window. But to achieve this, they first took out the room’s air-conditioner from behind, and from that outlet, the actress eventually freed herself and was immediately ferried back to Lagos by one of the producer’s boys in his car. Dark skinned and of average height, the actress’ first name begins with the seventh alphabet. From the Eastern part of the country, her lover is a father of three, a tacky dresser, but one of the best hands we have around in that sector. Refusing obstinately to return to Lagos after the actress had escaped, a respected woman of God who is also into movies and based in Calabar had to be invited to talk the now distraught wife into leaving. She, however, first followed the preacher to her house where she was pacified, counseled and ultimately appeased. But back in Lagos, she would neither let her husband nor the actress be. Things kept deteriorating until the camel’s back was finally broken. Now all by herself and giving her all to God, ala being born again, many are still talking about the foolishness of her action. Although her husband seems to care less as he is still frolicking with his numerous other women.
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Kcee’s photo with Cristiano Ronaldo photoshoped ?

View photos below

Kcee’s photo with Cristiano Ronaldo photoshoped ? The Limpopo master was at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium where he “met”World footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo..

Meanwhile some fans on his instagram page were asking him why he would stoop so low to photoshop the pictures…For real? Cool.More pics below Cool.

More pictures

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Davido Poses Beside Collapsed Fan In His Congo Concert

Davido Poses Beside Collapsed Fan In His Congo Concert

March 24-Davido Poses Beside Collapsed Fan In His Congo Concert-Davido must really be a crazy guy to have done this, I must say. How funny can he ever get than this. The guy in the red t-shirt you can see lying on the floor was reported to have had too much Skelewu dance during Davido’s concert in Congo on Saturday, and so he collapsed from exhausting all his energy in the dance.Davido on seeing this, proudly took a pose beside the guy for camera shots to show everyone that his concert in Congo was a huge success. The collapsed guy looks dead, but Sources said he’s actually alive, and that it was just stress on the guy.
Davido, our funny singer, had this to say about this rather bizzare scenario. See his tweet.
Davido sir, we have seen your hand work, we are impressed indeed, but what if the guy had passed on from there, while you were posing for this pics? You for hear am. Lols.
Abeg my readers, i hope Oga Davido has been able to show you beyond every reasonable doubt that, he is indeed, i repeat indeed, the skelewu master? Hehehehe!Click to view photo here!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

GOSSIP»» Davido Bought His “Aye” Song From Runtown

Davido Bought His “Aye” Song
From Runtown

Runtownn he is an upcoming act with an
impressive (and small) tracklist. He featured
prominently on Wizzy Pro’s ‘Emergency’
featuring Patoranking and Skales. His latest
single ‘Gallardo’ featuring Davido is a sure hit.
Runtown is also signed to Penthauze,
home to Phyno.
According to sources close to Runtown, this
promising act wrote ‘Aye’. As a matter of
fact, ‘Aye’ was originally his. When Davido
heard the song, he persuaded Runtown to
sell the song to him, which he did. As a matter
of fact, Davido also wanted to buy
‘Gallardo’, but Runtown refused. Instead Davido
got featured on the track.
This totally makes sense. I’ve always wondered
why the word ‘emergency’ was in
the track. I guess Runtown was leaving his
artistic DNA on the song. Yeah, no wonder
Runtown was in the ‘Aye’ video.
See photo:

Shocking!!! 3 men rape & pluck out eyes of physically challenged woman over N1m

Shocking!!! 3 men rape & pluck
out eyes of physically challenged
woman over N1m(Pictured)
Zainab, 30, a mother of four miraculously
survived the double tragedy of being brutally
raped by three men who later removed her eyes
with a knife on March 1, 2014 at Lukshi village,
Dass Local Government Area of Bauchi State.
Zainab’s case becomes more pathetic because
she is physically challenged. The victim, who is
barely five feet tall, was said to have been struck
by a mysterious illness when she was a child
and was left almost incapacitated, with her left
arm and leg almost useless. Although Zainab
manages to move around by limping, walking
for her is a herculean task.
It was getting dark in the evening and Zainab
Mohammed had just taken a bend through a
footpath path at Kuzari going to her house when
she heard footsteps and whispers behind her in
the bush. Then came three men like a bolt from
the blue who accosted her.
“I turned and asked them what they wanted
from me and they said they wanted to follow
me. I said follow me for what? What did I do
to you that you want to follow me? Do I owe
you money that you want to follow me? I told
them to leave me alone. I don’t want my
husband to hear that men were following me.
 I told them to leave me alone but they
refused.Suddenly, they held my hands. I was
struggling to free myself from their grip. They
held my neck and I almost died. They twisted
my hand, they opened my two legs and took
turns to rape me. I was fainting. Then they
brought an object-I don’t know whether it was
a knife or not and they started removing my
left eye. I screamed and tried to struggle but
they removed my left eye. They started
removing the other eye and I screamed harder.
Then I heard a male voice saying this scream
inside the bush is not normal and people
came”, she stated, adding that that was the
point her assailants took to their heels.
The victim said she knew two of the three men
that attacked her. “One of them is called bullet
but I don’t know the name of the other one.
They use to go round the village aimlessly
drinking alcohol”
What did I do to them to deserve this? I will
never forgive them, Allah. I will never forgive
them for what they have done to me. It is better
if their eyes are removed just as they have
removed mine. I need revenge. That is what
my heart desires”,
Her husband, Mohammed Saleh could not
control his emotions as he broke down.
“I was in a friend’s house when the news of
what happened to my wife reached me. In our
tradition we do not accompany women to
ceremonies. They go with their friends and
relations that are women. When I realised it
was getting dark, I went to my friend’s place. I
met someone there who told me that my wife
had gone home. I decided to go home. On
reaching the house, I did not see her so I went
out to look for her. I met someone on the way
and on asking he replied, ‘do you know what
happened to your wife?’ I followed him down
to Luschi Primary School where I saw my wife
in the pool of her own blood. It was terrible.
That was how we rushed her to the hospital”,
Why we did it –Suspects
Bitrus is a tall, huge man with kola-stained
teeth from Dado village in Dass local council
area who mends broken domestic plastic buckets
and bowls for a living. Looking unkempt, he
claimed to be 45 years old but looked every inch
in his late 50s. The father of four said he is
separated from his wife. “My wife ran away with
the children and I have been living alone,” he
told Saturday Sun at the Bauchi police command
headquarters where he is being kept with the
three other suspects. The others are Sabo Rabo
 who is a 40- year-old native of Doukabuga
village in Toro council area while Mohammed
Sani is 30.
In his open confession, Bitrus said:
“I am here because I committed a crime. We
raped her and later removed her eyes. We were
three. We did it at a spot called Kuzari. She
asked us to give her some money and sleep
with her. We went to a nearby bush and had
sex with her. It was only me and Sabo that did
it. Mohammed Sani did not have sex with her
but he was the one that brought the idea that
we should remove her eyes”
Bitrus said that after the two of them raped the
woman, they planned to run away but Rabo
warned that if they did, he would disclose
what they did. “We had no choice but to
comply. We used a knife to remove her eyes.”
Mohammed Sani said it was temptation from
the devil that pushed him into raping the
woman and removing her eyes, adding: “Sabo
told us that he had someone that would buy
the eye.”
But Mohammed Sani denied the accusation. He
“I did not ask them to remove her eyes. It was
Japanese (Bitrus) who is our senior that said
he discussed with one native doctor that if he
removed the woman’s eyes, the native doctor
will give us N1 million. They asked me being
the strongest to hold the woman. That is after
Sabo Bullet had slept with her. I held her
down and Japanese (Bitrus) removed her left
Usman Sabo, 35, is the native doctor that Sabo
said asked Bitrus to bring the eyes for a N1
million compensation. Sabo who sells herbs and
married with two children told Saturday Sun:
“I was sitting on my own when Bitrus came
with the eye. He told me he had a woman’s eye
but I didn’t see it. He asked me if I could
prepare for him charms that will make him to
disappear. I told him I am only a herbs seller.
I don’t prepare charm to make people vanish
at will. I have never done it. I only treat people
who are sick whenever my services are
required. When I told Bitrus that, he left in
anger and later the matter came that I gave
him N1million. Did I look like a millionaire?
The eye is with Bitrus but he kept denying it.”
While denying being in possession of the
victim’s eyes, Bitrus said the eyes are with
Mohammed Sani.
“The eye is not with me. It is with Sani. He
promised to give us N1 million. I did not get a
single kobo”, he insisted.

PHOTOS: Woman gives birth to Conjoined Twins

PHOTOS: Woman gives birth to Conjoined Twins
 A 28 year old woman in India gave birth to conjoined twins after she was too poor to have an ultrasound during her pregnancy.The baby, born via C-section and weighing 7lbs 7oz, has two heads, two necks and two spines but only one body.Doctors now fear the baby girl, yet to be named, has slim chance of survival Dr Malik who delivered the baby said ‘The parents are very distressed and we are helping the family the best we can.We only came to know she was carrying conjoined twins after an ultrasound two weeks ago but it was too late to do anything by then.Now the baby is born we will do our best to save her and we hope to operate once her condition is more stable.’ Conjoined twins who share a single body have dicephalic parapagus – an extremely unusual form of conjoinment. Because they share the same body, it is not possible to separate dicephalic parapagus twins.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

PHOTO»: Woman burns herself to death out»side police station after her rapist was released

PHOTO»: Woman burns herself to
death out»side police station after
her rapist was released
A Pakistani woman has died after setting herself
on fire outside a police station when her alleged
rapists were declared innocent.
The Pakistan Tribune reports that Aamna Bibi,
23, died from her critical injuries at Nishtar
Hospital Multan on Friday.She set herself
ablaze in front of several policemen at a police
station in Bet Mir Hazar Khan in the
Muzaffarghar district of Punjab province in
protest over the release of her alleged rapist,
Nadar Khan.Investigating officer Zulfiqar
Ahmed declared Khan innocent after receiving
70,000 rupees (around £700 ) as a bribe.She
was returning home from college when Khan
and four others allegedly gang-raped her on 5
Amna’s mother said: ”
My daughter was so dejected after her rapist
got bail that she decided to end her life.”
None of the policemen present reportedly tried to
stop the woman from committing suicide.
Doctor Shaukat Malik of Nishter Hospital
Multan said: “The girl had 80 per cent burn
injuries. We tried our best to save her life but
District Police Officer Usman Akram Gondal
has suspended Ahmed and three other officials

Monday, 10 March 2014

7 Things You Should Know Before Signing A Recording Deal With the recent record label drama surrounding BrymO (the court injunction on him has been lifted), Skales and Vector, it seems that artistes think that signing a record deal is child’s play. Below are 7 pointers for artistes in record labels, and upcoming acts looking for a deal, to go through before signing the dotted line. 1.  A record contract is a legal binding document. An artiste can’t walk out of a contract because he feels like it. There will be repercussions for breach of contract. 2. There is no perfect record label. It doesn’t exist. Record labels are made up of people, and mistakes will always be made. You just have to make the best out of any given situation. 3.nA record label is created to run as a business, and make profit. Irrespective of how talented you are, if your music isn’t selling or making profit, you will be kicked out. It’s a business not a charity. 4. Don’t stop hustling. Some artistes become so relaxed when they get signed to a label. That’s the wrong approach. Record labels have many artistes to work on with limited resources. It’s only artistes who show they are willing to go the extra mile that will be noticed. Record labels don’t like lazy artistes. 5. Business is business. Don’t take anything personal. Leave your emotions before you walk through the door. The record business is a cutthroat business. 6. Nobody owes you anything. It doesn’t make sense to demand for a house and car when you haven’t brought a dime to the label. You only get treated based on what you have brought to the label. Nobody pays for potential. Record labels only reward success. 7. Only sign a record deal with an imprint that is on the same page with you artistically and creatively. Anything short of this, will lead to conflict at the end of the day. Know why you are entering the business, and find a record label that aligns with your goals. Source: @Ezzydedon Source: You might also like:

Saturday, 8 March 2014

SAD NEWS » Yobe In Tears As Emir Dies

Yobe In Tears As Emir Dies Emir of Ngelzarma in Fune Local Government of Yobe State, Alhaji Mahammadu Mai Yeri Ibn Isa II has died from a ghastly car crash The Emir was involved in an accident in Gerei in Adamawa State. The Secretary of the Emirate Council Alhaji Abubakar Ibn Mai Yeri who confirmed the death to newsmen in Damaturu informed that Royal Father died in an auto crash which occurred around 2:00pm on Monday afternoon. Aged 49, the royal father was survived by two wives and thirteen children. The Nation checks gathered that his father whom he succeeded also died in an auto crash along Damaturu/Maiduguri highway. A palace source revealed that the late emir would be buried on Tuesday at his home town in Ngelzarma

SHOCKING » A man Vomits Life Scorpion During Deliverance In Church

A man Vomits Life Scorpion During Deliverance In Church Saturday, 8 March 2014 LOGiCAL-NATION at 8:00 am Man Vomits Life Scorpion During Deliverance In Church Poisoned man vomits a scorpion while undergoing a deliverance session in Champions Royal Assembly Church. Click on the Video to play or


Bauchi Auto-crash Kills 2, Injures 3 A ghastly auto crash that occurred at Magama Gumau Village along the Bauchi-Jos road yesterday in Bauchi state has led to the loss of two lives. Three others sustained injuries. Reports say the accident happened around 2.37pm and it involved a Honda civic vehicle with registration number AA 786 NFD and a Jincheng motor cycle with registration number NA 3-NA. Eyewitnesses said that the two people on the motorcycle died instantly when they collided with the Honda civic vehicle which was on top speed. State FRSC commander, Mr.Sunday Henry olatunji, who confirmed the accident said that two people driving on motorcycle were killed instantly while three other people sustained injuries in the autocrash. “All the victims of the crash are men. From investigations, the accident happened as a result of a head collision which led to the death of the two people on the motorcycle. Those that sustained injuried were the victims in the Honda civic vehicle”. He said when officials of the commission received the information, they went to the scene of the crash and conveyed both the dead and injuried persons to the Toro General Hospital

He Beat Me With Wire Until I Couldn’t Sit Anymore –

He Beat Me With Wire Until I Couldn’t Sit Anymore
–Eight- year-old Housemaid It took a while to rouse eight-year-old Sophia Shaidu, as she lay on her stomach on a bed in the children’s ward of the Aniyun Hospital, Gbagada, Lagos. The nurse who had taken our correspondent in to see her was happy that the girl could at least fall asleep after days of excruciating pains that kept her awake. “Some people are here to talk to you,” she was told. Sophia spoke only Ebira language. She does not understand English; not even pidgin English because her guardian did not enrol her in school after she was brought to Lagos to work as a housemaid about three years ago. So, our correspondent was only able to speak to her through an interpreter. One thing was immediately clear when Sophia finally sat up with a considerable pain: dark marks dotted her body from her neck to her ankle. She hung her left arm awkwardly, which made her flinch at the nurse’s touch. “We are planning to do an X-ray on the arm. It’s likely she has a fracture there,” the nurse said. “The marks on my body are from beatings,” the girl later explained. Sophia said that after one of such beatings, she had not been able to use her left arm, which was now swollen, hard and discoloured at the elbow area. The girl pointed accusing fingers at her guardian, Bashir Shuaibu, who is from Kogi State. But what brought Sophia to the hospital was more dire and life-threatening than just the marks on her body and the fractured arm. The little girl has a gash that is about six inches in diametre on her buttocks. It was created by sore, said to have developed after several beatings by Shuaibu. Sophia said each time he spanked her, her buttocks swelled up and before it healed up, he spanked her again. She told our correspondent that her parents asked her to live with him to make a living. She said, “We are not related. My parents asked me to live with him in Lagos so that I could work and make money to take care of myself. “He beat me almost every day and I don’t usually know what I did wrong. Anytime he beat me, I would scream and ask him what I did wrong, but he would not say anything. He would just continue to beat me. “He usually beat me in the buttocks. I got a wound after a beating and I could not sit. He beat me on the same spot every day. He used wire and spatula (what Yoruba call orogun).” Shuaibu is married and has a young child. Our correspondent asked if his wife ever joined in the beating as well but the girl explained that the wife usually told him to stop when the beating became too much. “The last time he beat me (last week Friday), madam complained again and said it was his beating that made my buttocks have sore. She then said they had to take me to the hospital.” When our correspondent visited the hospital in company with the Director of the Esther Child Rights Foundation, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, who is handling the case, the girl’s buttocks had been wrapped in a heavy dressing. But a doctor who treated the girl was so alarmed by what he saw that he took many photographs before he dressed the wound. “She still has a long way to go. Because of the extent of the injury, it cannot heal on its own. She has to undergo skin grafting. That cannot even be done at the moment, she has to remain in observation for a while,” the doctor said. The flesh on Sophia’s buttocks when she was brought to the hospital was oozing pus and had to be scraped off, leaving a large gash. The picture of the naked wound was so horrific that Saturday PUNCH could not publish it. When our correspondent asked Sophia if she ever thought about running away because of the physical abuse, she said she thought about it but she didn’t know where to run to. “I like my mother but I don’t want to go back to our village. My mother told me when I was leaving home to remain in Lagos and work,” the girl said. She said her mother did not know what she was passing through because she had never spoken with her since she was brought to Shuaibu’s house to work three years ago. She does not know her mother’s phone number. The girl said the man had told her parents that she would be enrolled in school, but that never happened. Shuaibu who was arrested and detained at the office of the Lagos State Taskforce has been released on bail. The hospital said he had not been forthcoming with the fund for the treatment of the girl. Shuaibu, who claimed he still intended to put the girl in school, said he only spanked her when she acted stubbornly, lied and defecated in the house. “Her parents are my relations. She is lazy and does no work. I did not know she had injury on her buttocks because she was hiding it. It was when we noticed it that we brought her to the hospital. I really regret that something like this happened to her,” he said. Ogwu said cases of extreme physical abuse on housemaids were becoming common in the country because perpetrators were not being jailed for such crimes. She said, “When we were contacted by nurses at the hospital and we visited the girl, what I saw was something I almost could not handle emotionally. I cried because I simply could not understand that a human being would do that to a child. “Is it that people do not know that physical abuse or any kind of abuse of a child is a serious crime? Or is it that people believe they can bribe the police and get away with this kind of crime when they are arrested? It is just very sad. “That child cannot be normal again because the money required for her treatment cannot be paid by the man who committed the crime. The only choice we have left is to see if the state government can wade into the matter and get her treated in a government-owned hospital.” She said the parents of the girl should be prosecuted along with the man who perpetrated the abuse. Our correspondent contacted the Chairman, Lagos State Task Force, Supol Bayo Suleiman, to find out what arrangement had been made to hold Shuaibu accountable for what he did. Suleiman said he was released on bail with sureties and had been directed to report to the task force office daily. He said, “Referring to the girl as a housemaid is incorrect because the man said they are relations. He was just trying to help the family of the child. The only mistake he made was that he did not bother to check if the spanking he gave the girl to correct her had left a physical injury on her. He was just trying to correct the girl to do what is right. “You know when a girl defecates on the bed everyday and one has tried to correct her with no change, he may have to punish her to ensure she changes. But it is unfortunate it led to this kind of thing in this case.” When told that the man’s ‘correction’ showed numerous marks of spanking all over the body of the girl, Suleiman said “Truly, spanking a child should have limits. But in this case, it’s just unfortunate that it led to such injury.” He explained that his office was still handling the issue to ensure that proper care was given to the girl. The Child Rights Act 2003, Section 14 states that “Every child has a right to parental care and protection. No child shall be separated from his parents against the wish of the child except for the purpose of his education and welfare.” Section 11 of the law also criminalises various forms of abuse of a child, one of which is the extreme physical abuse that Sophia has suffered.


Top Nigerian music producer
Hcode dies
Top Soul/Hiphop producer, Harry Mordi
popularly known as Hcode has passed on.
Hcode, who produced 2face Idibia and Vector’s
Get Down died last night after suffering an
Asthma attack. He was just in his mid 20s. Too
sad! May his soul in peace, Amen.


Another Plane Goes Missing With 239 On Board Malaysia Airlines said on Saturday that it lost contact with one of its planes carrying 239 people to China. Malaysia Airlines said on Saturday that it lost contact with one of its planes carrying 239 people to China. * file photo Flight MH370 was on its way to Beijing when contact was lost, two hours into the flight early Saturday, the airline said in a statement. TheBoeing 777-200ER departed from Kuala Lumpur 12:41 a.m. local time with 227 passengers and 12 crew members and was scheduled to land in Beijing at 6:30 a.m., it said. Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya told a news conference that the airline lost contact with the aircraft between Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace and that there were no reports of bad weather along the route. Mr. Ahmad said the missing aircraft didn’t send a distress signal and had enough fuel to fly an extra two hours. He said the missing flight’s passengers include 153 Chinese nationals, 38 Malaysians and 12 Indonesians. Passengers from Australia, the U.S., France, Ukraine and Canada are also on board. Asked about the fate of the aircraft and passengers, Mr. Ahmad said: “I don’t want to speculate as search and rescue is still ongoing.” The flight normally takes six hours, initially over water before crossing Vietnam into southern China. Lai Xuan Thanh, chief of Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, told The Wall Street Journal that he feared the plane may have crashed in Vietnamese airspace. “We still need to confirm everything. [There were] no reports of bad weather in the region at the time of the signal loss. We are ready to deploy search-and-rescue operations.” A spokeswoman at Civil Aviation Administration of China said Malaysia Airlines notified it about the missing plane, adding the aviation regulator activated emergency plans and requested air-traffic control operations work closely with the airline and Malaysian authorities.