Wednesday, 6 January 2016

5 Things We Learned From The Olamide vs Don Jazzy Beef

It ended before it really even started. The beef
between Olamide and Don Jazzy lasted less than 48
hrs, but in that time span we saw some serious
venom spilled out more so from Olamide, and some
cunning disses from Don Jazzy. Yes if you were in
the village (igbo people I’m talking to you), and had
shitty internet service, then you probably completely
missed the whole thing. But you can catch up here,
here, and here too.
Now that the beef is officially squashed, we decided
it’s a good time check out 5 things we learned from
this epic battle of Olamide vs Don Jazzy.
Olamide Is Something Like A
Legend Now
Yes he was belligerent and inebriated in his rant at
the Headies, but you gotta love the balls it took to
take on Don Jazzy with no kind of fear. Public
opinion says he initial rant was not aimed at Don
Jazzy, but the follow up on twitter was anything but
indirect. But even better than his rant is the support
of his fans on social media. Yes there were some
that weren’t happy but for the most part Olamide got
the admiration and 100% support of his core fans,.
It might not be the best moment in his life from a
behaviorial standpoint but years later we’ll still be
talking about this moment when Olamide went
HAM on Don Jazzy.
Don Jazzy Is Forever A Boss
We say it was a war of words but in all honesty,
most of it was one sided. Don Jazzy said what he
had to say, and didn’t say anything else even as
abuses were raining down on him. It could be he
was stunned, or as a Boss he let things calm down
before making his next move. Now if I’m Don Jazzy
I’m thinking to myself, ‘do I really want to go head
to head with Olamide knowing that Olamide is
pretty much the hottest musician in Nigeria right
now?‘ You gotta think that this is not Wande Coal
that he had one up on, or Dbanj who was really
dependent on his production for a long time, or Kelly
Hansome that couldn’t hold a candle to him or his
work. This is Olamide and YBNL with 3 of the top
10 hottest names in Nigerian music. Why risk the
effects of beef when you can squash it, and make
plenty money. At least for now.

Beef Is Good For The Industry
Were you not entertained? Let’s be honest with
ourselves; we like peace and love, but too much
peace and love becomes boring after a while. The
Nigerian music industry is filled with folks that love
themselves in public, but beef themselves in private,
and that’s to be expected because in reality they are
competitors. However every now and then it’s
refreshing to see someone come out and “fuck it… I
really don’t fuck with you, or I don’t appreciate xyz.”
It’s part of what entertainment is all about. Not
everytime kumbaya, sometimes fuck you.
The Real Winner Is The Headies
The organizing committee of the Headies Awards
might put out the front that they are disappointed
blah blah blah, but you gotta think that they are just
smiling behind the scenes. This is probably the
biggest buzz they’ve gotten in a few years, and they
owe it to that moment. Could it have been staged?
Who knows? But we know that before that moment
a lot of folks were kinda not really that interested in
the award show, and after that, the interest went
through the roof. We’re betting next year’s award
show will gather a whole lot of interest… especially
that Next Rated award.
It’s Not Over
Some of the things Olamide said on twitter, we
know he’s been harboring for a while, and shaking
hands on camera is not going to automatically erase
that. So you gotta think that if anything bubbles up
again, this might be reignited. However for now,
we’ll call it a ceasefire. Kinda like North and South
Plus when you look at that picture sef, Olamide is
not smiling. That diss track will just sit in the oven
a bit longer.



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