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“I feel pained that a man I called my father used me many times” – Girl impregnated by father recounts

Bayelsa man who impregnated 12-year-old
The young girl who was impregnated by her
father, has asked the Nigeria police to jail her
father for repeatedly molesting her.
The 12-year-old identified as Queen, was
carrying a four-month-old pregnancy for her
father, Bamekpa, before he took her to a place
where an abortion was carried out to forcefully
eject the growing foetus.
The incident which was reported at the police
station, was said to have happened at Imiringi,
Ogbia local government area of Bayelsa state.
The alleged father has since been arrested and
detained at the Criminal Investigation
Department (CID) of the state police command,
the police are said not to be taking any positive
step on the matter which the youngster is quite
The abused girl had yet to make a statement
as at press time and th police was yet to meet
officially with Operation Rescue (OR), the non-
governmental organisation (NGO) handling the
matte, but she relived her ordeal in the hands of
her father and called on the Inspector-General of
Police, Solomon Arase, to step in to ensure
The SS1 student said: “I want my father to be
thrown into prison. I feel pained that a man I
called my father used me many times to satisfy
his sexual urge.”
The 12-year-old continued: “He started sleeping
with me in 2015. The first time he did it, I was in
my room reading when he came in. He asked me
the kind of school I would like to go. Then he
came close to me.
“When I stood up to go, he asked me to wait and
started touching me all over my body. I asked
him what he was doing but he told me to keep
quiet and immediately pushed me into the bed.
“He tied my hands backwards. When he saw
that I was shouting, he covered my mouth with
his hand, He started doing it increasingly from
that time. I always cried and begged him to leave
me but he would not listen.”
Although she was too scared to tell anybody
what transpired between her and the father,
Queen said her father threatened to kill her if
she did. However, the signs of pregnancy as
shown by the young girl raised suspicions by her
“When I became pregnant, I didn’t know. My
stepmother saw the signs and suspected that I
was pregnant. It was when she began to ask me
who impregnated me that I told her. I learnt she
has moved out of the house.
“My father, seeing that I was pregnant, took me
to do an abortion. He took me to Elebele and
handed me over to his female friend named
Peace, who took me to a house in Otu-Aba.
“They did not allow me to see the process, but I
saw the instruments. It was very painful. After
that day, I started bleeding because he didn’t
abort the pregnancy completely. I was taken
back to Otu-Aba on December 5 and from there,
we went to Otu-Asiga to flush the remaining
“I discovered later that my body system had been
messed up. I noticed I was no longer
menstruating. It was just recently that I was
taken to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC)
where an operation was done on me with
something like a container inserted into me.
They called it a minor operation. I went back to
FMC on Thursday to remove the container.
“I feel very bad. I want the police oga (police
boss) to put him in prison. He has been doing
similar things to many people,” Queen narrated.

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